quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2013

1° place at the brazilian chamion ship

so the last weekend i participated at the brazilian national competition,there i found really hard conditions,similar as fuerteventura,happened in barra grande beach northeast of brazil(piaui),i've been training a lot and was very focused for the event and for the up coming 

i stoped training in the lagoon few days before i went for the event,and started going more in the sea,because there is where the tricks become tricky,so i think that helped me a lot to get the 1° place at the first stop of the brazilian champion ship,the water was pretty choppy and the wind strong and gusty

so my last participation on an pkra event in fuerteventura and the training in the choppy water conditions in cumbuco payed off.
wanna thank you for the big support and for the ones that are following me and giving me inspirations to keep on going!
Alex Neto

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