HI my name is alexandre neto borned in icarai beach the one I'm still living at,it's a great beach to practice surf so with that conditions when I was 11 years old I had an idea to start surfing,there were many friend already practicing so they helped me out a lot and after 2 years going with bodyboard I change up to surfing with a wave board and since that I was really going into the sport and from there I wanted to grow up faster and faster and maybe one day be a surf wave champion! but there were some friend of mine practicing kite already and when I saw that I just got a dream on my mind wich was learn how kite and do the same what they were doing like big jumps catching then waves like a hero! so they showed me how to kite after beeing lot of times looking fo it,finaly I learned in octuber 2007 and it was one of the best thing I did on my life,so in 2008 I started to compete after beeing training a lot but I didn't had luck enough to be in a pidium,but in 2009 with much more inspiration and with a big help from christian rangen and elisabeth his wife I got into the brazilian champion ship and I after a great work I got 1° place in evry single stop end of the year and also brazilian junior champion,so since 2009 I started to think that I wanna be a champion one day but it only will happen after a very good work and humility as well!

thank you so much to support me:

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